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Health Economics & Greed

Let’s examine economics in its most simplest form – “the study of how we use our resources, how we distribute it and our choices on how we allocate it” (Note: it’s far more complex then this but it’s my attempt to put it simply in one short sentence). GREED!! Is it good? In the famous Wall Street movie, Gordon Gekko applauds ‘GREED’ as the major driving force that stimulates company growth, profits, research, etc, etc.

Personally, I prefer the use of the word ‘HUNGER’. The word ‘GREED’ is as intriguing as it is controversial – often condemned as sinful and immoral. It is however ubiquitous in our everyday lives.

So, let’s examine HEALTH ECONOMICS very briefly – “the study of how, with limited resources, we decide to produce, procured and allocate resources/products (in a nutshell)” – the major players being the caregiver (maybe the hospital), the health insurance, the healthcare company providing the service and/or products.

The important factor in the equation (that we so often forget) IS THE PATIENT!

So against this backdrop, well-known and aften described as ‘Maverick’, Dr Chris Rangel says “Gordon Gekko is wrong! Greed is not good when it comes to patients, doctors and medicine”.

At Makana Healthcare we are acutely aware of this and is fiercely committed to providing affordable solutions to contribute positively to the Healthcare Ecosystem – after all it could your wife, mother, child that could benefit.