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Some of our Signature Products

Pergo Suction Liner System

Sole distributorship for Pergo suction liner system in the Western Cape.
  • Wide measurement scale visible from 270 degrees for easy reading.
    Canister scale accuracy: +/- 30ml.
  • Canister’s built-in brackets make it easy to mount on walls, rail brackets, and carts.
  • Availability for handling different suction tubes.
  • FDA certified.
  • CE certificate.
  • Latex free.
  • Used in more than 32 countries.
  • Extensively used in many major and private hospitals in South Africa, including Netcare, The Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, etc.
  • Transparent and highly flexible liner / suction bag.
  • Super durability. The product is not damaged even under the harshest transport or application conditions.
  • Lower cost of transportation. 
  • Approximately 65% less box dimension compared to the same quantity of traditional liners.
  • Lower storage cost.
  • Less waste for the environment.
  • Centralized and ergonomic extraction handles.
  • Easy removal of the liner / suction bag with one hand.
  • Fully automated quality control in each unit produced.

Pergo Post Partum Balloon

Sole distributorship for Post Partum Balloon in the Western Cape.
  • 100% Silicone material allows for patient comfort.
  • Pear Shaped balloon design is perfectly fit for uterine
  • anatomy and shape.
  • Super durable balloon.
  • Does not require any surgical operations for removal.
  • Dual lumen catheter allows inflating balloon and monitoring
  • hemorrhage.
  • Two syringes for inflating balloon rapidly.
  • Bag Spike is equipped with check valve.
  • Three way stopcock for easy, safe and rapid inflation. 
  • Balloon can intake upto 5000 ml saline water. Considerably superior than other available products in the market.

Email us about our SPECIAL price on Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Examination Gloves
200 per box (Efficient Packaging Space) *
Powder Free
Latex Free
Non Sterile
Ambidextrous and finger textured
For Single use only
2.2 Mil (3.0g)
ISO 9001 Certified by SGS (UK), SIRIM (Malasia)
ISO 13485 Certfified by SGS (UK)
Compliance Standards: ASTM D6319 and EN 455 Part 1, 2, 3 & 4

* Competitively Priced!

PPE Protective Clothing

Standard Gowns
Reinforced Surgical Sterile Gowns
Mop Caps
Theatre Non-Slip Shoe Covers

* Local Content
* Made in South Africa to the highest standards with 
necessary certification

Sterile Surgical Packs


Various Sterile Surgical Packs

Locally Manufactured
For various procedures

  • Local Content

Delivering Excellence to Healthcare

3 lead ECG/BP Monitor
Pulse Oximeter
Non invasive Oxygen Hiflow Cannula
Non invasive Oxygen Hiflow Cannula
PPE Safety Equipment
General Medical instruments