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Point of Care (POC)

Point-of-care (POC) testing, also commonly known as near-patient testing or remote testing, is a quick and convenient way to test a patient outside of a laboratory or similar facility. The testing can be done in a GP’s room, an ambulance, at home or in a remote area.It allows for rapid treatment to the patient. Decisions at the “point-of-care” has the potential to significantly impact healthcare delivery and to address the challenges of healthcare disparities and that the ongoing development of portable diagnostic and monitoring devices for POC testing could result in the success of a potential shift from curative medicine, to predictive, personalised and pre-emptive medicine. 

In modern times today, prevention and early detection of disease is a central focus for caregivers. The focus is all about how to deliver optimal care, quickly and efficiently. POC testing using portable devices, instruments and scans enable non-clinical staff to screen, diagnose and manage many of the communicable diseases around today. The development of sensors and low-cost imaging systems provide rapid analysis of blood samples and scans that can be immediately reported on for quick diagnosis.

Information can safely and securely be stored on-site or cloud-based and shared amongst trusted and authorised parties. This technology can be useful especially in the wake of rising healthcare costs and where healthcare access poses a problem