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At Makana Healthcare, we define and categorize our activities in terms of areas of expertise. We have a responsibility to explore the underlying needs of our clients and/or situations. Very often assistance is required in defining the real issue; thus our first objective is to explore the context of the problem. In most cases the most common reason for seeking assistance is to obtain information or a solution. Compiling it may involve surveys, cost studies and feasibility studies. Often and understandably so, some are ambivalent about their need for help. It is for this reason that we skilfully respond to the implicit needs. At Makana Healthcare we believe that good advisors are at best – practioners!

We firmly understand our position to be, as binding as the South African constitution is to the state in the realisation of the right to basic health care, as an approach that promotes attainment to effective and affordable healthcare by all people that will permit them to live socially and economically productive lives.

Numerous findings affirm the fact that the growing prevalence of diabetes is of notable concern. Diabetes, currently a topical comorbidity and a significant accelerant to health disparities, is a notable contributor to global health expenditure worldwide.

The end-costs are enormously high coupled with loss of sight, kidney failure, expensive dialysis treatment, amputation, etc. Healthcare professionals in all settings have an important and critical role in helping to reduce the cost to the health care system.

It is imperative to evaluate cost-effective measures designed to best prevent and reduce the end-costs as it affects health services directly. Economics relating to health care is complex and while numerous methods of economic evaluation exist, it’s easy to understand – understand and treat at primary level.

It is a proven statement, amplified by the Covid-19 Pandemic, that Diabetes, Hypertension and Cholesterol are amongst the top comobidities that leads to hospitalisation, limb loss and/or death. Our Chief Medical Officer is a leading and informed player in Diabetes,  that ultimately is a catalyst or accelerant to other chronic conditions. 

Medical costs and the extrapolation thereof cannot be ignored – ie. higher insurance premiums, reduced productivity, overall quality of life and affected families and friends.

Advancing technology and training can improve quality of life as well as reduced mortality and morbidity. While new technologies are not a panacea, the benefit it provides can only be achieved if skillfully determined, detected and utilsed. It is inevitable that new diabetic modalities will be and must be considered  by healthcare providers in the current prevailing global environment of increasing medical costs.

Humanity, despite identifying us as being earthlings, also embraces qualities such as compassion, love, creativity and to care. At Makana Healthcare we understand the incongruities and inequalities in current healthcare environments and believe in cost-effective or economically-efficient solutions.

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"The future is here ..."

We are also trusted and proven experts in Information Systems. We clean, integrate, transform and analyse data to provide insights. We have sound knowledge of Government data systems.

It is becoming more evident with current and various data modelling, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, that there’s rapid strides towards, what we would like to term as – ‘Digital Health Ecosystem’. We use our 22-year experience with government data and systems to create that vitally important intersection between data, information and healthcare by extracting patterns, trends and insights and publishing our findings to assist local and national agencies/government departments to assist in shaping an effective and efficient healthcare system.

We term it as our ‘Health Think Tank’ – a platform focussed on telling stories about data, trends, patterns and behaviour. This will ensure transparent access to assist in decision-making and to provide a blue-print for the future.

The rationale behind our system architecture.

We are avid proponents of the early insights of Grace Murray Hopper (1906-1992) – commonly known as the Mother and co-founder of the programming language called COBOL:

At Makana Healthcare we are driven by these 3 guiding principles:

1. “We’re flooding people with information. We should convert the information at our disposal into intelligence or knowledge.We’ve tended to forget that a computer will ask new questions”
2. “I’ve always been more interested in the future than in the past”
3. “Some day on the corporate balance sheet there will be an entry which reads ‘INFORMATION’ – for in most cases, the INFORMATION is more valuable than the hardware which process it”

At Makana we believe that computer systems must go beyond provide insights, knowledge and but should control processes intelligently with ‘heat-sensitive’ rings to alert decision-makers of deviance or note-worthy developments.