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Makana Healthcare

Our Pledge


Current world events have amplified the critical importance of healthcare, professional medical advice, quality products and services.

Almost everybody has formed a definition of quality. Because quality means different things to different people, the topic has become confusing – even in business and these multiple definitions often make quality difficult to achieve.

Quality, simply stated, is conforming to requirements. When a product and/or service meets requirements quality is achieved. There is no bad, low or high quality. There’s only 2 categories ie. (a) It meets requirements – Quality or (b) It doesn’t meet requirements – Not Quality.

At Makana Healthcare we ensure that we supply quality service and products ie. Meeting your requirements.

This synopsis provides us an environment to uphold high standards and to pursue an attitude and continuous journey to discovery. Perfection, although impossible, at best serves us as incubators of excellence and the determination to deliver and pledge our best and sincerest intentions at all times.

As humanity is our currency, we see it as the universal canvas of life to paint and co-author a chapter and lasting image to serve and lead.

We convey sincerest wishes to our suppliers, manufacturers, partners and clients.

Disclaimer: The above signatures are purely ceremonial and do not represent those duly authorised.