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How we cope with COVID-19 stress

The current Covid-19 Pandemic sweeping the world has certainly introduced varying degrees of inter-related mental health issues. At the nexus of these underlying issues lies the fear of contamination and a lonely death.

It’s becoming more evident that fear, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, helplessness and a variety of other conditions are being fuelled by death notifications and suffering amplified on social media and a plethora of other platforms. By now, what was once only a ‘distant’ and ‘heard-of’ pandemic has infiltrated our very own family and friend circles.

People have become anti-social and private. As this pandemic evolves, so too will be the associated mental challenges. Ive seen people engaging in arguments, banning the topic, turning a blind eye, dying, surviving, immense suffering and untold grief.

As the name so aptly describes, many have been served with a cocktail of grief, tears, death, etc. that will forever leave lasting footprints and aftertastes in years and decades to come.

It’s also a sobering time to recognize society’s inequalities and imbalances. Whilst know all too well that scarcity is the enemy of equity, it’s a time now to garner and engage collective collaboration in the interest of humanity to make that paradigm shift (as many of us have done thus far) to use this as foundation to build a better life.

It starts with us. It starts in our mind. Its our rudder.

Lets point it in a healthy direction and find the co-ordinates of a better, stronger and healthier future.