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Makana Healthcare

MAKANA has significant and admirable significance that has deep meaning.

MAKANA origin is South African – The Xhosa Prince Makana who hundreds of years ago was one of the first political prisoners on Robben Island. Makana heroically attempted to swim to safety. Hence the island became known as the “Island of Makana” – a symbol of courage and bravery. As we know, Robben Island is the world-famous prison where late and former President Nelson Mandela spent most of his 27-year incarceration.

MAKANA in Arabic is translated as something as prestigious and of noteworthy importance

MAKANA in the Hawaiian language refers to gift or reward

At Makana Healthcare we take pride to serve with

i) “courage”
ii) “noteworthy and prestigious” care to deliver the much-needed
iii) “gift” of contributing to humanity and healthcare.

The name Makana (above) literally translates to the state of being notable and the quality that earns respect.

“Life is a Gift from God”
– Hawaiin translation

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